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It is rare, almost impossible, for me to be at a loss for words. And yet, when I try to articulate just how beyond-awesome Jane Green is, on multiple levels, my brain swoons. I call her my Purple Angel. Jane has been my exclusive graphic designer for 10 years. She has produced thrilling websites, books (interior and covers), cards, and other material for me. In supersonic time. With utter and absolute care and attention to every detail. Hire her. Tell your friends. Work with my Purple Angel, and then come up with your own special name for her.

- Robert Rabbin

I recently worked with Jane to revise our outdated Society logo. She provided some initial ideas, followed by multiple design iterations of the preferred option. Jane was wonderful to work with - professional, skilled and timely. The whole process was a pleasure to be part of, the final design was great, and the cost very modest. I cannot recommend Jane and ELMD more highly.

- Mark Webster

I would like to thank you, Jane, for your inspiring, creative, intuitive gifts and your patient loving care in creating me a website, that reflects me, as well as the work I do. The magic of working with you was incredible. I was overwhelmed in starting this project and you made it easy, fun, and creative, as well as allowing me to move at my own pace. Your suggestions, your detailed listening of my emails, and creative solutions were amazing!!

- Sherrie Hatfield

Your support for our website and email project has been beyond awesome. On the proverbial 0 to 10 scale, maybe a 15; you took so much of the anxiety out of this angst-filled project. We loved working with you.

- Jerry Bernstein

You did such a great job Jane - on time, brilliant communication, intuitive smarts and you hit the go button for me at the exact moment of the full moon, bless. Love your work!

- Kerrie Basha

As a small business owner Jane provides me with excellent peer and professional support to help me develop my business. I would not hesitate to recommend her work.

- Keith Greaves

I simply cannot recommend Jane enough. She has become such an asset to my business, words cannot describe. She is incredibly responsive, 100% professional, thorough, dedicated. I have recommended her to many people, and I only hear the most glowing and positive reports. I see her as a valuable, crucial member of my team. Don't hesitate, if you are looking for graphic and web design support, I can't imagine anyone better.

- Christine McDougall

Jane is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly has the customer and their needs top of mind in all that she does. She is a breath of fresh air with her unfailingly commitment to serve - an attitude which is connected to an outstanding ability to deliver the goods. I can't recommend Jane highly enough.

- Robin Elliott

Jane is a rare diamond who always does what she promises in an amazingly timely and responsive way. You are never left wondering as she communicates clearly at every interval. Her integrity, professionalism and helpfulness go far beyond the expected making her an indispensable part of my team. I am delighted with every piece of work she has done for me and am more than happy to share the joy of working with her.

- Penny Fenner

Jane has that desirable balance of technical & design expertise, and has always been determined to work with me, to achieve the outcome to my liking. She is responsive like very few others and is open and communicative about everything. I mean she'll inform me when she's not going to be at her desk for a couple of hours next Thursday, for example. So, there it is, my 'big up', 'wrap', 'respect' for a lovely lady with a professional & respectful approach.

- Andrew Forbes Smith

I have worked with Everlasting Magic Design in implementing some key strategies in our business development and have been extremely impressed with the stunning outcomes (including web design & document design). What sets Jane apart from previous webdesign and marketing companies I have worked with (all much larger and more expensive!) is the surprising turn around of work and her intelligent approach in grasping my business needs and providing responsive solutions.

- Mike Jensen

You have done an incredible job! Thank you for your patience helping me through this process. I will give you glowing recommendations! You are an amazing person!

- John Gallagher